You did find Daniel Rudolph`s hiding place.

Are you looking for ServerWatch, the good old Game Administration Tool? Look over here at the main page of ServerWatch itself.
The old page simply had to go down as it was not updated for Year`s :D
I am a movie and music addict, and maybe i can infect you with the later!
Ihr wollt auf Amazon sparren? Guckt euch an!

Whatever you do, never blame Marvin :D
Whatever you do, never blame Marvin :D

Impressum und ViSdP:
Daniel Rudolph
c/o BSolut GmbH
spam_me (at) daniel (minus) rudolph (dot) de
Schoenhauser Allee 6
10119 Berlin

(funny legal thing you need on all german webpages ...)

And remember Kabelsalat ist gesund! Don`t Panic! 42!